Articles By Julianne Still Single? Here’s How Not to Be Next Valentine’s Day

Even though I make my living as a relationship expert, I am the first one to agree, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a “Hallmark holiday”. It’s a way for the greeting card companies to make a few extra bucks. That said, I know it still shines a huge spotlight on your single status, making an already difficult situation, more difficult. I mean who wants to be reminded of something that could potentially bring sadness? If this article’s title caught your attention, I suspect you are single and looking for ways to change that.

Perhaps you’ve tried a million ways to meet someone. Or maybe you’re one of those “if it is meant to be, it will happen” folks, hoping somehow that special someone will show up on your door step. Now, if you’re one of those who have tried a million ways to meet “the one” I suspect you might have dabbled and not really engaged in a process; really making it a priority, crafting a plan and following through.

And if you’re the other type who has been leaving it to chance, well… how’s that working for you? I understand there is an element of romance that is expected when it comes to meeting someone special, but I ask you, does that really matter? Or does meeting that special someone matter more?

Below are just a few ways you can engage in making your love life a priority and potentially meet that special someone. Online dating. Don’t shun it. It works. It’s the number one way my date coaching clients meet their special someone. That said, you can’t dabble in it and you have to market yourself the right way. Oh, and most importantly, have realistic expectations.

Meetups. Never heard of Meetup? You find it online and and can join via your personal interest. If you love to hike, there’s a Meetup for that. If you’re a wine enthusiast, there’s a meetup for that. If you want to learn a language, there’s a meetup for that. The idea is to get you out to meet people, and there’s a greater chance of meeting someone who shares your interests too.

Volunteer. It’s a great way to give back, and meet someone like-minded who also shares your values. When working with clients in a relationship mentoring or date coaching capacity, I empower them to take charge of their love lives and I encourage you to do the same.

I’ve seen first hand the positive results that come when your love life takes precedence. You can’t expect results when you don’t make your love life a priority. I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and encourage you to take control of your love life!

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Newly Single

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What You Want Versus What You Need

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Single and looking to change your relationship status? You are in the right place!  From my professional education as a therapist to my own personal relationship, I know the components needed to create a fulfilling successful relationship.

If you are ready to make your love life a priority and meet your perfect mate, Julianne Cantarella is the Premiere Dating Coach in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.


Copyright 2024 Julianne Cantarella. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2024 Julianne Cantarella. All rights reserved.